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Accelerating Growth with Sustainable Strategies

Get breakthrough ideas and solutions to utilise niche natural resources for your organisation’s sustainable growth.

With environmentally safe, energy saving, and fuel efficient materials, methods and operations; you can have better products and more optimized processes leading to a faster, more sustainable growth.

That’s where we come in:


Areas Of Work

Microbiology and Biotechnology


Facilities are available for:

  • Isolation, purification and maintenance of microbial cultures.
  • Application of microbial cultures for food, fermentation and environmental purposes.
  • Application of enzymes.
  • Purification of proteins from by-products and wastes for further applications.
  • Extraction of proteins from biological and agricultural sources.
  • Laboratory analysis.

Food Technology


Facilities are available for:

  • Baking
  • Extrusion
  • Cooking
  • Frying
  • Meat texturization
  • Milk based drinks stabilization
  • Fruit juice/ squash stabilization
  • Laboratory analysis

Spatial Data Analysis and Modeling


Facilities are available for:

  • Data extraction, processing and analyses of remotely sensed data.
  • GIS data collection.
  • Modeling for automated GIS processes.
  • Web application development.

Remote Sensing Applications


Facilities are available for:

  • Remotely sensed data collection.
  • Land use, land cover classifications.
  • Data analysis and derivation of information.
  • Scientific validation of results.

Environmental Management


Facilities are available for:

  • Waste management
  • Mal-odour management
  • Distillery effluent management
  • Septic tank management
  • Drainage and surface deep cleaning
  • Contamination tracking
  • Catchment area identification
  • Climate modeling
  • Agricultural health analysis
  • Soil erosion monitoring
  • Shoreline change analysis
  • Laboratory analysis

Fermentation Technology


Facilities are available for:

  • Brewing
  • Wine making
  • Distillery works
  • Kombucha making
  • Vinegar making

Our Methodology

We discuss your current concerns → Identify and define the problem areas → Perform targeted research and analyze the gathered data to determine patterns, relationships and trends → Develop solutions based on the data analysis → Test the solutions in the wild and optimize them  → Gather feedback and refine them further for maximum results. 

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Research. Develop. Optimize. Scale


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Harness the knowledge and aptitude of our team of experts to:

Maximize operational efficiency with product and process improvement.

Achieve specific industrial / commercial targets or end products.

Manage effluents and identify useful applications of by-products and wastes.


Discover new marketing niches and bridge the gap between your present and desired results through theoretical and application-based studies. 

Meet product and process goals.

New processes and new product development.

Process improvement and product optimization.


License viable technologies that we have identified or developed by partnering with academia and private organizations. Use that technology:  

To nudge your products and processes towards sustainability.

As a part of your own processes to increase your process scope.

Commercialize it as a part of your own product portfolio.


Use location based data and model the environmental and climate conditions of a region based on the underlying parameters to:

Integrate the geographical dimension for analyses towards well-informed decision making.

Process and analyse remotely sensed data for studies of varying spatial and temporal resolutions.

Better understand the surrounding environment.


We collaborate with you for research as a startup/industry partner for government funding opportunities; enabling you to:

Scale up your products and processes.

Gain easy access to existing and new markets.

Ensure efficient application of the research.


Student skill development and practical training + knowledge sharing for corporate, recreational, and team building activities.

Fine-tune your team’s sustainable development skills in various areas of biosciences and geoinformatics.

Industrial Trainings and Internships for Biosciences Graduates and Post Graduates, and BCIL/ BiSEP or any other Govt. recognized internships/ industrial trainings.



  • It contains natural and food grade ingredients that help in producing industry-quality wine at small scales. The kit can be used to make wine from grapes, apple, banana and other fruits. 

  • Prakhoj can assist industries and other stakeholders in the region with trials and process optimization to include more regional fruits and berries such as kiwi, peach, plum, and other major fruits cultivated in North East India for the preparation of good quality industrial grade wine. 

  • Prakhoj conducts wine making workshop/ training and consultations for amateurs, wine enthusiasts, and industries to build their skills in the field and optimize their processes.  
  • The product MXA-SLR, is a liquid concentrate of nano-complexes and a non-pathogenic bacterial consortium adept in malodor management.

  • The preliminary data from Indian Railways, brewery pubs, clubs, and hostels in Bangalore are encouraging with a wide scope for the market.
  • MXA-SLR was found to be effective for 18-20 hours vis-à-vis 2-5 hours of competitor brands in a single application and also saved 100 L of water at the same time.

Comparative insights on localities within urban cities.

Along with the vast amount of information available about residential properties, it is also very important to understand the locality around the property for ensuring better living standards.

ZonoCiti ranks the immediate locality around the property of interest based on various parameters, using our GIS expertise and research capabilities.

It can be very useful for:

  • women in terms of understanding the safety of the locality around the property.
  • the elderly and disabled to ensure quick and immediate access to health facilities, clean environments
  • easy accessibility to general shops and recreation amenities.

The solution also aims to provide data-driven insights to city administration to help them plan and ensure equal and inclusive development strategies across the urban cities. Creating a future that has a better urban environment and inclusive management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you combine Biotechnology and Geoinformatics fields?

 We do not combine Biotechnology and Geoinformatics. The projects taken under the respective verticals are handled separately by our subject matter experts for research and services under the umbrella of Prakhoj.

Do you collaborate with universities for research projects?

Yes, we collaborate as an industry or startup partner. Recently we signed MoU with CFTRI, Mysuru for the production of soluble fibers through technology transfer mode, and Jyothy Institute of technology, Bengaluru for working on various application oriented projects.

We are looking for services in the field of Biotechnology/Geoinformatics that are not mentioned on the website, can you still help us out with the same?

Yes. Since we are not restricted to just one line of research, we can expand our scope to conduct research, development, and consultations in various fields as a part of the private sector. We would be happy to consult with you to deliver the services required in collaboration with our trusted industry experts. We also tie up with various industries for further manufacturing of our developed products and processes after patenting. 

We have our own solutions but are not sure if they really work as per market requirements, can you help?

For sure. We start with a brief introductory and consultation call where we get details about your industry, market, and solution.  Then based on your requirements we conduct laboratory or large scale trials to test the viability of the solution in the existing market. If the solution is not viable in the existing market, we look into optimizing it for emerging and new markets.

Can we use/integrate the product developed by you for our organisation?

Yes, we License out our developed and patented products for a small royalty. Enabling you to use them per your needs and requirements for your products and processes. This also includes commercialization rights.

Can you help us integrate GIS in our business operation?

Yes, we can help you integrate GIS in your business operation and enter industry 4.0.

Do you conduct application based courses at Prakhoj?

While we currently do not have any workshops planned, stay tuned for announcements to be made soon. You can also always approach us for conducting workshops for your students or employees and team members.


What People Are Saying

With their smartness, enthusiasm, and creative, scientific potential, team Prakhoj supported us in various research and product development initiatives successfully.

They were very reliable and professional when dealing with roadblocks in the project. I would definitely work with them again and would hundred percent recommend them for any sustainable development work.    

Johannes Erich Weber

Director, Prashanti Trading UG

The workshop provided us with a very unique and informative experience. Thank you.

Very well organised. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you for the very relevant, valuable information.

Overall informative and hands-on approach.

Keep up the good work.

Wine making Workshop feedback

Students, PES University

The Prakhoj team was very responsive and proactively provided solutions to our concerns. Supported by a team of committed coordinators, they developed and supported our business in our emerging markets. Their sustainable solutions improved our capacity to take on a lot more projects in the future. 

They proved their expertise, knowledge, and professionalism by leaving no stone unturned to get us optimum results. They were an absolute delight to work with. 

Pradeep J A

Senior Manager, Praras Biosciences Pvt Ltd.

Prakhoj developed a unique and critical product that meets our requirements and specifications. Based on their results we have been able to establish our product and company successfully.

Excellent professional team. They know their work, deliver on time, strive to understand their client’s needs and requirements and give promised results.

Purvez H Gazder

Director, HCTS International

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