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Contract R & D projects for new product development, process improvement, product optimization, scaling up are taken up in the following areas of biotechnology.

Contract Research and Development

Skill Development Workshops are organized for amateurs and interested parties in following areas:

Skill Development Workshops

Solutions to industrial problems pertaining to process/ product efficiency, delivery and optimization

Industrial solutions

Industrial trainings to students of technology courses and students of BCIL/ BiSEP /other training programs

Industrial Training & Workshops

Relevant modifications and refinement of processes/ technology for industrial applications

Modifications for Industrial Applications

Identification of viable technologies from academia and private investigators for industries and suitable development for scale up and commercialization

Technology transfer

Model the Hydrological and Climatic conditions of a region based on the underlying parameters to better understand the surrounding environment

Hydrological and Regional Climate Modelling

Use of tools and techniques to process and analyse remotely sensed data for studies of varying spatial and temporal resolutions

Remotely Sensed Data Processing and Analysis

Consultations for improvements and new product development for processes and products in biotechnology and towards efficiency in business decision making strategies based on location analytics


License and technology purchase from academia and further refining for commercial/ industrial applications

Enrichment from academia to industries

Outsourced laboratory analyses for food and beverage technology, microbiology, biochemistry and waste management etc.

Laboratory analyses

Industrial internships to Graduation and Post Graduation students in Food and beverage technology, Microbiology, Remote sensing, GIS and other allied areas